Kid Zone


  • Abducktion

    [Gr. 4+] This game uses gravity. Since all the planets in our Solar System (and our Moon) are different sizes, they have different kinds of gravity.  You would be really, really light on the Moon and really, really heavy on Jupiter. Your job is to save the ducks!

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  • new! Amusement Park Physics

    [Gr. 4+] Find out why roller coasters are safer than playing sports or riding a bike! Test your knowledge by building your own roller coaster, and learn about the physics along the way.

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  • new! How We See Things

    [Gr. 4+] In this activity, try dragging different angled mirrors into the path of light. How does the direction of light change? Can you point the light towards different objects in the park?

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  • new! Imperfect Balance

    [Gr. 5+] Use your knowledge of balance and gravity to force all of the blocks on the screen to fall over.

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  • new! Insurgo

    [Gr. 4+] Build the highest and most stable tower possible.

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  • new! Launchball

    [Gr. 8+] Slide, bounce and spring your way through the 30 obstacle filled levels. Still can’t get enough? Create an account and build your own levels to challenge friends!

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  • new! Moon Olympics

    [Gr. 4+] What would the different sports look like on the moon? Can you predict what will happen?

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  • new! Nanobots

    [Gr. 4+] Safely guide the nanorobot through the obstacle course – pay attention to the positive and negative charges!

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  • new! Perfect Balance

    [Gr. 5+] Using the objects given, place them on the support system and make sure all objects are perfectly balanced.

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  • new! Planetary Rescue Squad

    [Gr. 5+] Your mission is to provide spare parts to space colonists. You travel to ten different locations. Can you change the force and angle of the throw to account for the changing effects of gravity at these new locations?

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  • new! Simple Machines

    [Gr. 4+] Help Twitch gather the material he needs by using simple machines to gather the objects in each room.

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  • new! Sleepy Heads

    [Gr. 5+] Add wooden objects to the environment that will cause a chain reaction that upends some happily snoozing characters!

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