Kid Zone


  • new! Food Chain Simulator

    [Gr. 7+] Test the effects of different organized food webs to see which species survive under different circumstances.

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  • new! Pangaea Puzzle

    [Gr. 7+] Can you piece together how geologists knew to place which continents together to form Pangaea? Try it yourself!

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  • new! Recycle Roundup

    [Gr 4+] Help clean up the park! Your job is to sort the stuff people throw away and put it in the proper bin. Is it recycling, compost, or trash?

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  • new! Switch Zoo

    [P-6] Switch the different parts of the environment to make sure the animal fits with its surroundings.

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  • new! Team WILD

    [Gr 4+] Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheros, needs your help! Your mission: protect and conserve the planet’s species and habitats from destruction. Don’t forget to check out the extra resources about each of the habitats and the animals in them!

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  • The Sea

    [Gr. 4+] Discover ocean life and reef aquariums through news, guides, videos, pictures, games and so much more!

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