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  • new! Animal Cell

    [7-12] Test your knowledge of animal cells using this interactive model!

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  • new! Build a DNA Molecule

    [Gr. 8+] Find the complementary base pairs to form a DNA molecule!

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  • new! Food Chain Simulator

    [Gr. 7+] Test the effects of different organized food webs to see which species survive under different circumstances.

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  • new! Invaders

    [Gr. 4+] Help Plum rid the habitats of invasive species!

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  • new! Karyotype Puzzle

    [Gr. 8+] Click and drag the chromosomes to its match. Geneticists play this mix and match game every time they create a karyotype!

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  • new! Krill Smackdown

    [Gr. 4+] Become a group of small, shrimplike animals called krill around waters of Antarctica. But watch out for predators, such as Emperor Penguins and Blue Whales, that see these krill as a tasty snack! Learn all about these animals in the game!

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  • new! Mission Adaptation

    [Gr 4+] Your mission is to travel around the world, documenting animals and plants and how they adapt to their different habitats. Take a photo and get a fact of each animal into your travel diary!

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  • new! Pandemic 2

    [Gr. 10+] Play the role of an evil scientist trying to create a biological weapon. You are the one trying to create a virus, a parasite or a bacteria with specific characteristics so that it goes undetected by the vigilant workers in the government and the hospitals who are trying to thwart you at every turn!

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  • new! Rizk

    [Gr. 8+] In another world, a Plant lies sleeping. Can you manage the threats to ensure its survival?

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  • new! Sickle Cell DNA

    [Gr. 7-12] Help couples determine if they carry a genetic mutation for a disease and learn how the mutation impacts offspring, protein folding and medical counselling.

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  • new! Switch Zoo

    [P-6] Switch the different parts of the environment to make sure the animal fits with its surroundings.

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  • new! Team WILD

    [Gr 4+] Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheros, needs your help! Your mission: protect and conserve the planet’s species and habitats from destruction. Don’t forget to check out the extra resources about each of the habitats and the animals in them!

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  • new! Transcribe and Translate

    Can you transcribe and translate a gene to form a protein?

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  • new! Trauma

    [Gr. 7-12] Take a look into what happens in the emergency room and help stabilize a patient and determine why he passed out while driving.

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  • Tree Cookies

    Join Hayley Little Moccasin as she explores the woods and see first-hand how environmental conditions affect the growth of trees. Learn about tree cookies and then join us to discuss an environmental condition and watch what happens.

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  • new! Video Series: Animals and Pets

    Learn all about these different animals and how they can be our pets!

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  • new! Video Series: Freaky Creatures

    Learn all about these different creatures and how their adaptations make them… a bit freaky!

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  • new! Virtual Hip Resurfacing Surgery

    [Gr. 7-12] Take on the role of a surgeon and complete a hip resurfacing surgery while learning about the procedure, the technology and the health risks and benefits.

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